Q&A: How to Run an Efficient Public Meeting

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Clerks are superheroes; they make an efficient public meeting possible. They compile and share the agenda, make sure rules are followed throughout, hold votes on motions and compile minutes of the meeting to share afterward. Because of everything they do, clerks are pulled in a million different directions. That’s why we created a guide, “Simplify… Read more »

Getting the Job Done: What Clerks Need to Do After a Public Meeting


The meeting is over. The discussion was robust, citizens’ voices were heard and decisions were made. As a clerk, you can briefly bask in the glory of a job well done. But the work isn’t done yet. After a public meeting ends, clerks need to get to work with action items, ensure meeting transparency laws… Read more »

Stop Racing the Clock: How to Prepare for a Public Meeting

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Municipal clerks are some of the busiest employees in state and local government—something that probably doesn’t need to be told to the people who have the job. They have countless daily tasks to complete, but they never have enough time. That makes task efficiency vital to a clerk accomplishing everything that needs to be done… Read more »

Granicus National Summit Breakout Sessions


What will you learn at the Granicus National Summit on April 3rd in Washington, DC? After our jam-packed morning with government panel discussions, best practices and a keynote by Mitchell Weiss, Professor of Management Practice in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School and lunch, you’ll get the chance to deep-dive into topics of… Read more »

Get to Know Your Friendly Neighborhood Clerk

City Hall, Wilmington, NC

Clerks are the unsung heroes of the public sector. They help file and manage important records, ensure elections are conducted fairly and accurately and record public meetings for transparency. Government would have a hard time functioning without them. To learn more about one of the most important roles in local government, Granicus hosted a webinar,… Read more »