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Truth vs. Coronavirus: How Gov Agencies Are Battling the Infodemic

Since the initial outbreak in Wuhan, China, coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has spread throughout Asia, Europe, and into the United States. Wherever it has spread, it has been accompanied by misinformation and disinformation, putting public health into further risk.

Government agencies, however, are working around the clock to ensure residents have the most up-to-date and accurate information.

At Granicus, we have the privilege of providing the platform of technology that many governments use as the conduit for their response. In the interest of connecting government agencies with as much information as possible, here is a small collection efforts to inform, organize, and respond to the outbreak.

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COVID-19: A Handful of Communications

Communicators at every level of government — local, state, and federal —are getting the truth out through email, websites, and public meeting information. We rounded up a few examples of each below.

Educating Through Email

As of Friday, March 6, Granicus govDelivery customers had sent 1,700 emails to 86.9 million people with 20.2 million email opens.

Oregon Department of Education
The Oregon Department of Education is informing parents, teachers, and students.

COVID:19 email update from Oregon Dept of Education

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is connecting veterans to medical center information.

COVID:19 communications from US Department of Veterans Affairs

City of Redmond, Washington
A well-crafted message directly from the Mayor of Redmond, Washington.

COVID:19 email message from mayor of Redmond, California

City of Washington, D.C.
A communication from Mayor Murial Bowser of Washington D.C.

coronavirus email bulletin from the mayor of Washington D.C.

Turning Websites Into Resources

Granicus customers from coast to coast — and with 320+ combined webpages with coronavirus information — are fighting disinformation by getting the best, latest information on their websites.

Santa Clara County, California
A comprehensive update to the residents of Santa Clara County in California.

COVID:19 webpage update for City of Santa Clara, California

Mercer County, New Jersey
Here is a resource on the Mercer County, New Jersey website.

COVID:19 webpage update for Mercer County, New Jersey

West Palm Beach, Florida
One of several updates to residents of West Palm Beach in Florida.

COVID: 19 webpage for West Palm Beach, Florida

Mobilizing Through Public Meetings

Legislators across the country are also mobilizing to handle the situation. Granicus customers have covered coronavirus at over 75 public meetings. They’re passing emergency resolutions, engaging the public in city meetings, and more.

San Francisco, California
See video of the mayor of the City of San Francisco providing an update after declaring an emergency.

screenshot of San Fracisco mayor speaking about COVID:19

More Public Meetings Examples

  • The City of Toledo is looking to provide international help by providing protective clothing to China in early February.
  • A briefing for the Board of Health in Madison, Wisconsin where there is one confirmed case.
  • In Baltimore, Maryland, the City mobilized emergency management, police, and fire teams.

Bringing It All Together

Government at all levels has a role in helping reduce the impact of COVID:19. They’re stepping up with proactive communications using the channels that residents expect. At Granicus, we’re proud to support their effort through our technology.

Want best practices in COVID-19 crisis communications?

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