Thank a Clerk this Holiday Season


Clerks are the workhorses of local government. Yes, elected officials and public sector workers of all stripes play an important role, but nobody is more vital than the humble clerk in keeping city hall humming.

Despite that, they often go unrecognized. At Granicus, we want to change that. That’s why in 2019, we’ll be shining the spotlight on clerks and the awesome work they do. But we don’t want to miss an opportunity, especially around the holidays, to say thanks. So here are a few ways clerks help brighten up every day—holiday or not—in government.

Clerks are meeting and agenda management superheroes

From agenda management to counting votes to preparing minutes, your local government clerk is what keeps public meetings running on time, in accordance with the rules, and while ensuring citizens have their chance to be heard. Clerks can make meeting and agenda management even easier by following a few of our tips.

They do work outside their job description

Clerks, especially those in smaller organizations, often wear multiple hats – and sometimes those hats aren’t an official part of their role. From customer service rep to public information officer, it can be a lot to handle when other day-to-day tasks (agenda management, meeting prep, records management, etc.) need to get done as well. And yet clerks handle these tasks with ease. Learn more about the unintentional role of the clerk.

Clerks are government problem solvers

Our 2018 State of the Clerk report found that clerks are incredibly concerned about keeping their offices on the cutting edge of technology. And despite strapped budgets, they are still forward thinking and always looking for ways to innovate.

Clerks are what keep government running. So if you have the chance, be sure to thank them for all the hard work they’ve done in 2018. Cheers to a successful 2019!

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