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State of Digital Government Survey: Government workers across the country have spoken.

After surveying over 1,500 local, state, and federal government employees, we discovered a marked trend toward the continued use of technology to modernize the way governments interact with their constituents. It seems that most of the digital efforts introduced during the pandemic will continue on in some form or fashion. Many government officials are realizing the importance of modernizing the public sector to function in a way that’s as efficient, intuitive, and customized as the private sector.

A Commitment to Modernizing the Public Sector
In all levels of government, the attitude toward technology has shifted sharply from nice-to-have to must-have. To communicate effectively, run efficient public meetings, provide smart digital services (including request fulfillment), and properly store public information, technology—preferably secure, low-code, cloud-based, platform technology—is absolutely critical. Instead of replacing government jobs, technology makes it possible for government employees to do their jobs better than ever before.

Graph: Technology will be a top 3 investment priority in the coming year

Graph: Gov tech adoption attracts tech talen

Graph: Top 3 advantages of creating a digital government

Challenges to the Adoption of Government Technology
Although the general consensus regarding the modernization of government is promising, challenges still exist.

Graph: Challenges to the Adoption of Government Technology

Social media, text, and email communications remain the most effective tools for disseminating information to residents regardless of their socioeconomic status. These channels tend to be the preferred communication channels for most people, including the hard-to-reach.

Graph: Reaching the hard-to-reach is the biggest challenge across the board

The Future of Government Technology is Bright
Even though there are budgetary constraints, strategic spending in technology remains a global priority. The smart use of technology can power government budget recovery and by leveraging technology, governments can build for post-pandemic realities like hybrid work environments and a sprawling workforce. While the pandemic has had devastating effects, this experience has driven governments toward digital transformation and taught us the importance of being prepared for a crisis before it hits.

The best path forward is developing a unified experience for residents that integrates websites, online services, multi-channel digital communications, agenda and public meeting management, and the digital storage of public information—in one complete, built-for-government package.

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