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City service requests facilitate pothole repairs, keep local playgrounds free of graffiti, and ensure street lights stay shining bright. OneView by Granicus allows residents to submit their requests with just a few taps on their mobile device, providing precise details and photos, and taking the guesswork out of service requests for responders.

To help provide even more detail for requests related to fixed city assets such as light posts and fire hydrants, Granicus has released the new Asset Based location for Service Requests feature. While having a requester drop a pin on a map is helpful in getting responders close to the issue, it’s even better to allow users to select the exact asset for which they are making a request. Especially when their request is related to densely spaced assets such as streetlights, where a user’s pin could be in between several on the same block.

Asset-based service request — noun: A service request that is associated with a physical asset such as a street light, fire hydrant, etc.

New asset feature

The new asset-based request functionality connects GIS maps of key city assets to the OneView service request management module, allowing selected request types to be tied to asset selection.

When a request type has asset selection enabled, the location select screen displays the assets as colored dots, and instead of dropping a location pin on the map, the user will select a specific asset. If the asset dots are too dense to easily select the correct asset, the bottom of the screen displays asset cards and the user can swipe through them to make their choice.

With asset selection not only do cities receive better location data but can also include valuable asset information from the GIS database in the service request, such as the type of bulb for the streetlight or fire hydrant model number. Unnecessary delays like driving up and down a street to locate the correct street light, or running back to base for the correct supplies are now minimized. Better insights mean faster and easier resolutions.

Asset Based Service Requests are available in OneView Enterprise.

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