GovQA and Veritone Forge Strategic Relationship


Veritone and GovQA Forge Strategic Relationship to Provide AI-Powered End-to-End Compliance Solution.

With integration, government agencies to increase transparency, speed the release of public records at a reduced cost, and address demand for accountability.

Veritone, Inc., (Nasdaq: VERI), the creator of the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence, aiWARE™, today announced a strategic relationship with GovQA, a leading provider of automated workflow solutions for government compliance, to enable state and local government agencies to increase transparency and expedite the release of public records requests.

The collaboration, which integrates the aiWARE-powered application Veritone Redact with the GovQA Public Records Management Solution, addresses the challenges faced by agencies, especially those in public safety overwhelmed by records requests and heightened calls for accountability. This will help agencies expedite requests in accordance with records laws, save taxpayer money and foster greater public trust.

“As cameras capture more of our daily lives, we’ve seen a massive increase in crimes and law enforcement interactions captured on video, whether it be by police body cam or a citizen’s smartphone,” said Jon Gacek, Head of Government, Legal and Compliance at Veritone. “When the public asks for that footage, delivering it quickly, one of the hallmarks of transparency, is a challenge because personal information has to be redacted. AI gives agencies the power to redact in mere hours what used to take them days.”

With the power to analyze unstructured data at high speeds, Veritone Redact helps agencies automate the redaction of sensitive information within video and audio-based evidence. The integration with GovQA’s CJIS-compliant, cloud-based public records management platform provides government agencies with an efficient way to quickly redact Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and release records in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and other public record requests.

“Since March, our customers have seen a 56% increase in the volume of public records requests,” said William Repole, COO at GovQA. “This significant increase adds to the daily strain government agencies feel in terms of balancing public transparency with individual privacy, especially within public safety agencies. This joint automation will serve as the first step in providing immediate relief from this balancing act, while ensuring compliance with privacy laws. Future AI-enabled compliance workflows will only continue to reduce manual intervention when dealing with records requests while freeing up precious resources that can be redeployed in these challenging times.”

To learn more, watch “How Public Safety Organizations are Actively Addressing the Changing Need for Transparency” moderated by Microsoft, Veritone, and GovQA featuring the public disclosure manager from Clark County, Washington.

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