Paperless Meetings Save Fishery Management Council Thousands

Digital Solutions Better Inform Council Members and Save Resources

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) is one of eight regional councils in the United States that manages fisheries; it also happens to be the largest. Agendas for Council meetings are so large, NPFMC staffers had to start compiling them a month in advance. More often than not, these agendas were comprised of a ream and a half of paper each, or roughly 750 pages. With 80 members on the council, NPFMC would go through 60-100,000 sheets of paper per meeting.

Download this success story to learn how NPFMC uses the Granicus Legistar solution to now conduct paperless meetings, saving $30,000 per year in printing, shipping and machine costs and enabling staff to focus on the important issues at hand.

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