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How a Bay Area City Streamlined the Reporting Experience for Residents with govService

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As small and medium governments move toward providing more accessible systems to residents, seamless technology solutions become pivotal in designing a positive customer experience. But how do these government organizations provide simple, interactive systems for residents?

One city government in the San Francisco Bay Area asked itself this very question. The city was seeking a way to provide its residents with an intuitive method for reporting non-emergency issues. To determine the best solution that would work for its needs, the city government evaluated its current state, its goals for a new technology system, and the best path to achieve those goals.

There is always a barrier between the public and government. govService allows [residents] to have a say in how their city is running.”
City IT Manager

A City in Need of an Impactful Communication Solution for Residents

Among the municipality’s goals was to eliminate any barriers to communication and give residents more opportunities to be impactful in their community. As the city evaluated its technology, it realized that its previous solution was falling short of bridging the gap between the public and government.

The city was already using Granicus govAccess, so it had some familiarity with how Granicus solutions could be implemented and used. The potential for govService to expand into other areas was another helpful deciding factor for the Bay Area city. Additionally, Granicus’ suite of product offerings was an appealing factor that made govService stand out among competitors as a top 3-1-1 solution system.

As the city’s decision makers evaluated solutions, it became apparent that they wanted a system that could be implemented quickly and efficiently. Granicus’ govService provided the city with the solution it needed within a quick turnaround time and included comprehensive staff training.


govService Creates User-Friendly Reporting System

The city sought a solution that was more dynamic than its previous system, and one that would give residents the opportunity to interface with specific departments. Granicus’ govService solution provided a user-friendly system in which residents can pinpoint the issue, use a drop-down menu to provide additional information such as address and topic, and include further details as necessary in a text box. The request is then routed to the appropriate city department based on the topic and the user can track the status of the request.

To make it as easy as possible for residents to file reports, the city sought a solution that would be intuitive for users, while being available anytime, anywhere. The govService solution provided a seamless mobile and web experience for residents without the need for dedicated mobile apps.


More Effective Routing Creates Smoother Process

Overall, govService has been valuable in helping this community with its changing communication needs. The system’s dynamic nature has been pivotal in routing requests to the appropriate departments, which keeps the communication process running smoothly from beginning to resolution.

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