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Streamline Registrations

Many local governments require residents and business to register for everything from pet licenses to home-based businesses. However, the registration process can be needlessly frustrating and time-consuming, for applicants and for government workers alike. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Improve Service

Save time and cut costs while making registrations easier for residents.

Provide a Modern Experience

Residents can use govService’s online portal to submit new registrations, renew existing registrations, pay fees, and more.

Customize Workflows

Cut costs and save time by streamlining workflows and automating communication within your agency and with customers.

Automate Routing

Send request data to the appropriate team automatically, in real time, based on request details.

Better service, less hassle

With a self-service Customer Portal and streamlined Staff Portal, govService allows you to streamline registration requests and processing. Give residents what they want and give staff what they need.

Resident Self-Service

Customer Portal and best practices peer-sourced from 4,500+ government agencies help ensure residents self-serve online.

Easy Management

No-code interface means that almost any staff member can launch and update services and workflows to reflect new regulations, marketing changes, and more.

Save Time, Cut Costs

Streamline workflows with Staff Portal, which automates data transfers, intra-agency communications, and more.

Increase Compliance

Streamlined registrations and 24/7 availability makes it easy for residents to comply with regulations.

Automatic Routing

Conditional logic ensures that requests are routed to the right department without staff intervention.

Increased Transparency

With our Customer Portal, residents can track their registrations from submission, to review, to approval/denial.

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