Public Records Solutions Webinar: Video Redactions

The introduction of body-worn cameras in recent years has resulted in a huge increase in video and audio records for many government agencies — particularly those in public safety.

Watch the recording for the webinar Video Redactions: Solutions for growing volumes and time pressures. Here we’ll discuss the impact that body-worn cameras have had on public record request volumes; dive into the best practices for handling requests for video that needs redaction; and provide resources to help your organization combat the growing number of video redaction requests.

Solutions for Growing Video Request Volumes and Time Pressures

While video files might at first glance seem less complicated than, for example, large paper files with a mix of document types, they are in fact some of the most complex-to-manage records an agency can have. Since GovQA’s PiPRIndex began tracking numbers of video files logged per quarter in quarter 1 2018, we’ve seen a 122% increase – including a 43% jump from 1st quarter 2020 to 1st quarter 2021, coinciding with a period of great civil unrest and calls for police transparency.

Government agencies are then challenged with reviewing and redacting these files in a reasonable timeframe and keeping rising costs under control. Jurisdictions need to find effective solutions for managing the growth of video and audio records and at the February 17 webinar, we’ll cover a few of these solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Impact of body worn cameras on Public Record requests
  • How video affects agency resource handling
  • Best practices for public record requests that requires redaction
  • Resources to combat the growth of video redaction requests

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