Public Meetings of The Future

100% cloud-based meeting management for clerks and 100% cloud-based streaming for residents creates worry-free, simple, and secure meetings for all.

How are you running your public meetings? Virtually? In-person? Hybrid? And, how is that going for you and your residents?

Have you thought about risky integrations with third-party social streaming platforms like YouTube, flawed public participation tools, or deficient, yet common security measures that leave major holes that invite cyber and ransomware attacks? Sure, this may not be in your wheelhouse, but when a hiccup occurs, council members and residents will come running to you for answers.

Join us on-demand to see the reimagined govMeetings! It’s a modern, worry-free, secure, and simple public meeting solution that can transform your community.

Watch to discover how:

  • 100% cloud-based controls enable simpler management of virtual and hybrid meetings.
  • Real-time monitoring identifies and resolves issues before they impact your meeting.
  • Layered security measures—including the encryption of incoming and outgoing video streams—keep your community safe.
  • Digital public comment management with sentiment analysis can make your life easier.

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