One Message, 108 Different Languages

Learn how you can send one message in 100+ different languages – providing all members of your community with vaccination facts quicker than before.  

How do you build trust and transparency around COVID-19 vaccine messaging if English isn’t the primary language for some of your residents? And, how do you engage your hard-to-reach communities that may consist of at-risk groups?  

Download to learn how you can get your COVID-19 vaccine messages (and more!) to your residents – in their preferred language. 

Attend to discover how to: 

  • Quickly capture a digital audience by tapping into a network of 250M+ resident subscribers.  
  • Drive adoption of government-issued and fact-based content.  
  • Analyze campaign results and audience effectiveness through real-time data – allowing you to fine-tune your message to drive outcomes and impact.  

Jessica Wassing
govDelivery Implementation Manager

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