June Clerk Spotlight: City of Olathe, Kansas

Behind every successful government is a clerk that is keeping it all together through technology and cross-department collaboration.

Keeping government running is difficult – especially remotely and/or with social distancing guidelines. Hear from clerks across the country as they open up about the challenges they were facing and the secure, cloud-based solutions they were able to implement to ease their workload and help empower a transparent and agile digital government.

Join us on-demand for June’s Clerk Spotlight showcasing Brenda Long, CMC, City Clerk, City of Olathe, Kansas.

Municipality: City of Olathe, Kansas
Population: 137,472
Solutions: govMeetings, govDelivery, govService, govService Clerk Stack, & govAccess
Website: https://www.olatheks.org/
Speaker: Brenda Long, CMC, City Clerk, City of Olathe, Kansas

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