4 Dangers in 15 Minutes: The Risks of Vendor Sprawl

Discover how to save, simplify, streamline, and protect your entire IT environment with just one vendor. 

As organizations scale, their portfolio of business support applications expands quickly. IT teams are often asked to approve or implement a business-critical tool an internal team used to innovate or accelerate a new initiative. Then, common questions arise like: “When did we put this in place?” “Don’t we already have two other applications with similar functionality?” “Now that the project is in production, who is going to support this tool?” 

Sound familiar? Managing technological vendors is a challenge for many organizations. What are the dangers of vendor sprawl and how can you avoid it?  

Watch now for a quick, 15-minute session to get pro tips to help you better understand the benefits and peace-of-mind that comes from working with one vendor to keep your community more secure and engaged. 

This short and sweet session packs quite a punch. You won’t want to miss this one! 

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