Permitting Software

What is Permitting Software?

Permitting software is used to track the workflows involved with individual and business applications for permits (such as building permits), and governments tracking the adherence to various laws and regulations by organizations operating in their jurisdictions. Using enterprise software allows for digitizing data collected for such activity and making the processes more efficient – and therefore a better experience for residents, businesses, and government employees.

Why is it important?

Managing permitting and compliance are some of the busiest workflows for most governments. Trying to manage with paper-based systems is not efficient (because it takes longer, and data cannot be shared between departments) and runs the risk of applications and inspections getting lost in the process. When permitting and compliance operations are run efficiently, it gives governments the maximum opportunity to collect revenues from fees. Also, when these processes move efficiently and quickly, that provides individuals and businesses a better experience. Many of them will chose to live and do business where they have great experiences with government.

How does Granicus help?

Granicus provides the govService Amanda platform, which allows governments to manage almost any permitting or compliance type activity easily and efficiently. Using the platform, governments can track the processes they are managing to find ways to make them run faster – and make sure all applications and inspections are tracked in the system. It manages all processes digitally and creates a master data set about the activity that can be accessed by multiple departments. That gives the government a 360-degree view into all a resident’s or business’ activity in the jurisdiction, allowing for better strategic planning, and provides a better experience when common data only has to be provided one time. Adding modules like contractor app, inspector app, and resident portals allows easy interaction and information sharing with external parties and allows a government’s mobile workforce to easily work from the field more efficiently.


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