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Your Digital Journey Starts Here

Originally Posted on Comm2Point0. By Dave Worsell, Director of Government Solutions at GovDelivery Europe.

journeyEvery journey starts somewhere.  The easier the first step the faster it becomes to reach the destination.

Here at GovDelivery we know we aren’t the final destination and we definitely aren’t one of the many distractions along the way.  However, we are one of the more effective starting points to help guide and nudge people along the path towards digital government.

With 4 million U.K. citizens connected daily with over 70 public sector organisations, the numbers suggest we’re clearly doing something right.  Worldwide those figures climb to 70 million citizens and 1,000 government organisations, proving it’s not just the U.K. that understands why reaching more people is an important first step.

But, reach means nothing without action.  The more you have of each element the higher the value you generate and the better the outcomes.

Reach X Action X Trust = Value

The successes seen by the many central and local government bodies using the GovDelivery Communications Cloud stem from the ability to reach lots of people, maximise digital connections and utilise these to drive positive action.

Mapping action to desired outcomes is a topic for another blog, but whatever the destination, whether it’s behaviour change; increased online transactions; event attendance; voter registration;  inward investment; improved health; reduced calls;  the first step along the path towards achieving these is encouraging as many of the right people as possible along the correct path.

The following best practices have been generated through collaboration with our network of public sector clients.  These can be used as benchmarks for accessing the direct result of your digital communications:

  • 35% increased usage of cheaper online channels by encouraging more visitors to your websites and social media pages.
  • 35% increase in online transactions through better sign-posting on digital channels.
  • 30% increased communications reach within your community.
  • 30%-60% audience engagement rate in individual service areas or campaigns.
  • 5%-10% reduction in avoidable contact e.g. fewer telephone calls and face-to-face visits.
  • 33% increase in service user satisfaction.

Effective digital communication technologies should help you reach the widest possible audience and empower them to navigate towards the most appropriate outcome.  When you combine the power to reach the right people, with the technology and skills to compel them to act, you have a game changing formula.

The benefits to the citizen are obvious, likewise the benefits to government from ensuring large numbers of people reach the right outcomes form the business case for implementation.  The results? Improved health, safer communities, better public service.