What will you learn at the Granicus National Summit?


The Granicus National Summit is taking place in Washington, DC in less than a month on April 3rd. For one day, more than 1,000 government employees will join best practices sessions, hear case studies from more than 10 of their peers across federal, state and local government and get inspired to create better lives for the people they serve.

So, what’s on the schedule? Here’s a breakdown of the morning presentations:


  • Leading Through Digital Modernization: Mitchell Weiss, Professor of Management Practice in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School will share insights on the importance and benefits of the public sector’s digital shift to better meet citizen needs.

Government Panel Discussions:

  • Re-Thinking Citizen-Centered Communications: Speakers from Leon County, Florida, Hurst, Texas and the Department of Veterans Affairs will discuss their communication strategies to inform, inspire and drive their audience to action.
  • Maximizing the Benefits of the Public Sector Channel Shift: Hear from comms experts from the Arizona Department of Transportation and Maryland Department of Natural Resources on how their organizations are delivering digital services and benefits and how they’ve realized benefits like reduced wait times, improved service delivery and increased ROI.
  • Transformed Access to Services: Innovation in Community Engagement: Speakers from San Jose, California, Department of Labor and Philadelphia Water Department will talk about how new tools increased citizen access to and engagement with services.

Best Practice Sessions:

  • Enhancing Digital Influence and Engagement: From website content management to marriage certificate filing, learn how digitalization of services can bring government closer to meeting the needs of its citizens.
  • Service Delivery in the Age of Amazon: Enhancing How You Connect: Learn how to meet citizen’s service delivery expectations in an anywhere-and-anytime world.
  • Security Essentials in Today’s Digital Age: As agencies are under constant cyberthreats, it’s more important than ever for your organization to protect citizen information. In this session, the FedRAMP Director will share how to have a security-first mindset.

Charitable Activity: Yellow Ribbon Fund

  • We’re partnering with the Yellow Ribbon Fund that provides support for the men and women injured while serving our country. You’ll learn more about the YRF’s mission and participate in a charitable activity during the Summit.

Don’t miss your chance to participate and learn from expert government speakers.

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