Welcoming GovQA, the Newest Addition to Our Civic Engagement Platform


At Granicus, we are constantly striving to improve our civic engagement platform for the benefit of our customers and the communities they serve. Often those improvements come in the form of enhanced product features or greater interoperability. However, today is different. Today, we’re proud to introduce our latest expansion in partnership with another high-growth innovator in the govtech space. We have acquired GovQA, the nation’s leading provider of public records and compliance workflow solutions for government.

With the addition of GovQA, we’ll continue to extend the capabilities of the Granicus Civic Engagement Platform, helping government officials deliver consistent, unified digital experiences to their communities while automating, streamlining, and transforming internal process workflows.

Why GovQA?

The ability to access public records is a vital pillar in the foundation of government trust. In many cases, fulfillment controls, processes, and timeline compliance rules are mandated by local, state, and federal regulations to drive consistency, reliability, and faith in the civic process. However, request fulfillment can be incredibly fragmented, complex, and time-consuming for government officials. In many cases, the complexity and fragmentation yield extensive backlogs, which hinder government offices’ ability to remain compliant and meet public expectations.

New technologies and data streams such as police body camera footage, social media posts, and smart city technologies make these tasks even more challenging, as personnel are now being asked to compile, review, and manage content from an ever-growing number of sources within the same time requirements. According to GovQA’s recent research, public records fulfillment and compliance complexity has increased over 150% in the last three years alone.

What does this mean for Granicus customers?

GovQA specializes in compliance software for governments of all levels and is used by more than one third of the largest U.S. cities, more than 80 state agencies, and 45% of the top U.S. counties. They have a proven track record of transforming public records management to make government processes simpler, easier, and more transparent. To date, they’ve completed millions of information requests for nearly 800 government customers. With their public request compliance automation solution, GovQA offers enhanced efficiency to free up workers and yield faster turnaround, redundant request matching to eliminate duplicate work, risk mitigation to protect private information and classified data, flexible customization that enables each customer to tailor the software to suit their unique needs, and cost recovery features to offset the financial burden of fulfilling these requests.

With its addition to Granicus’ Civic Engagement Platform, GovQA accelerates our vision for intelligent, connected digital government experiences for both government agencies and the communities they serve. Today’s announcement follows several other recent expansions to the platform via the addition of Bang the Table and OpenCities earlier this summer. We’re incredibly proud to provide the most comprehensive SaaS cloud platform for the public sector – now being used by governments around the globe to deliver powerful, personalized digital experiences to their residents, driving real community engagement and positive social outcomes.  We are pleased to have the GovQA team join us in our ongoing mission.

We warmly welcome our new GovQA colleagues, and we can’t wait to introduce their capabilities to our customers. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

Mark Hynes, Granicus CEO

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