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Computer on a desk with the new drop down menu
At GovDelivery, we value your interaction with our products and want to make sure your experience with the Communications Cloud is as smooth and easy as possible. So we set out to improve the platform so you and your team can continue to reach out and change your citizens’ lives for the better.

Every message you send is a chance to directly impact and improve the lives of your citizens, and we don’t want you to spend more time trying to navigate our tool than thinking about your communications strategy.

To make the Communications Cloud quick and easy to navigate, we incorporated the most modern and user-oriented design methods. We have developed some best practices over years of working with the public sector and combined them with insights from the 18F Playbook — which describes design methods civic tech can use to achieve higher digital standards — to make sure we could offer the best experience possible for our administrators.

For an introduction into the Communications Cloud’s new look, check out the video below.

The more modern look and feel of Communications Cloud offers familiar and predictable patterns widely used across the web. We started implementing some of these patterns when we created our Advanced Package — including tools like A/B testing and segmentation.

The changes we’re making to the Communications Cloud continue this work, and aim to make our tools more intuitive for you and your team. For example, new links now featured at the top of the page help you know where you are, and how to navigate back to previous pages, quickly and easily.

The tool now features a dropdown menu on the right of the screen. In the new user experience, users will be able to find their personal information, such as role, profile and security settings, and our support site, all in one place.

Side by side of the before and after user interface
Additionally, users with the Account Administrator role will notice that we’ve moved the Account Settings link into this user menu. This change makes it clearer that these settings are limited to a specific user role, and easy to find and change for Administrators.

Stay tuned for more communications from our team regarding future improvements coming to the Communications Cloud in our quest to provide more value to our government communicators.

Get more information about the Communications Cloud, or chat with a member of our team about the changes to make sure you’re getting the most out of the improved user experience. Or to provide direct feedback, you can email us at 

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