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The Value of Delivering an Email to an Inbox

In the last decade, the evolution of the email newsletter has been fascinating to watch. From must-use template designs to the most effective subject lines, there are a million tips for drafting the perfect email.

While the strategies behind use of email in communicating have been largely unchanged (the need to stay relevant, increase audience engagement and maximize outcomes), there has been an increase of barriers in ensuring emails are delivered properly.

Granicus’s email marketing platform govDelivery has the highest deliverability rates to government inboxes (98% or more) and leverages best practices in email communications to ensure emails get to the people they’re meant to.

Additionally, we provide template options in govDelivery that have all the key components you need to create strong email: a bold header, placeholder for relatable imagery, strong call to action and social icons. govDelivery makes it easy to plug in your information and hit “send.”

While all of these factors will help your email bypass spam filters, the govDelivery team is doing so much more behind the scenes to help ensure your email gets to your recipient, including:

1. We Sign our Email Messages with DKIM & SPF

Just like your bank shows you that your site is secure and verified, an email can verify that the domain that it claims sent the email actually sent it. In addition to DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), govDelivery also implements Sender Policy Framework (SPF) in partnership with our clients to establish govDelivery as an allowed sender using the client’s custom sub-domain. Both DKIM and SPF help verify messages and make it more likely that an email will be delivered properly.

2. We Can Clean Your List for You

Before we upload email lists, we can run it through a process to help ensure there aren’t delivery threats and undeliverable addresses that would prevent a message from being successful.

3. We Send Emails on Behalf of Public Sector Organizations

Granicus clients don’t send commercial emails, which helps to enhance our reputation and make our emails more likely to be delivered.

4. We Actively Monitor

At Granicus, our team is actively monitoring deliverability issues and proactively making improvements to help ensure that your emails get to your targeted audience.

5. We Engage and Deliver

Every govDelivery client has access to detailed analytics in their reports that highlight the number of new subscribers, unsubscribes, open rates, click rates, and engagements, among other metrics for measuring success.

In addition to Granicus’ engineering services, govDelivery’s implementation and client support teams are here to support clients in every step of the digital communications process – whether it’s making sure you are set up with the right product or supporting your admins with the best practices for content, we’re here to help.

Are free options like Constant Contact not meeting your deliverability needs? Click here to up a guided tour and experience the highest deliverability in government communications.