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The Evolution and Future of Digital Government

With an ever-increasing percentage of people’s daily activities conducted online, digital government has become a lifeline and an expectation in communities large and small. However, the maturity of these systems varies wildly from agency to agency, with some early adopters fully embracing digital tools and others slow to adapt.

According to a 2021 Deloitte survey, “governments are at very different stages in their journey of digital transformation. A small percentage are what we consider ‘maturing,’ but the overwhelming majority are still in the early or developing stages of this journey. Only about 30 percent of organizations surveyed assessed their digital capabilities as ahead of their public sector peers; nearly 70 percent said they lagged behind the private sector. Respondents’ overall satisfaction with their organization’s current reaction to digital trends and their confidence in its readiness to respond to digital trends were also low.”

Moreover, Deloitte found that a full 82% of respondents reported a lack of confidence in their organization’s ability and preparedness to respond to emerging digital trends. While that number may be concerning, it also indicates that government workers are aware of — and seeking to meet — their community members’ technological expectations. They just aren’t sure their organizations have the ability or funds to do so. That’s where Granicus comes in.

Ready to Assess your Organization’s Digital Maturity?

Start with our Digital Maturity Assessment quiz, which will rate your organization’s unique progress. Once you have determined your digital maturity status, we have several additional resources to help you start your journey or continue making progress toward your digital goals.

For the most up-to-date information on digital maturity and emerging technological trends, as well as the opportunity to hear directly from industry experts and get your questions answered, join us for our upcoming webinar on Wednesday, August 17, at 12 p.m. ET | 9 a.m. PT. This 60-minute webinar, Digital Government: Understanding the Evolution and Embracing the Future, will feature a live course taught by noted researcher and Master of Public Administration instructor Jeffrey Johnson. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this exciting Granicus University event!

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