Research Report Proves Return on Investment for Government Using Digital Communications


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Data Shows the Average Local Government Saves £1.51 Each Year for Every Digitally Connected Citizen

LONDON, 21 October, 2015 — GovDelivery, the leading provider of cloud-based solutions enhancing the citizen experience, today announced the release of a white paper summarising the financial value of digitally connected citizens for government organisations. The research report titled Measuring the Value of a Subscriber, released officially at GovDelivery’s 6th Annual UK Public Sector Communications Conference, estimates that each digitally connected citizen saves the average local authority at least £1.51 per annum.

These figures predict that an average local authority has the ability to realise substantial savings if they invest in optimising their digital engagement strategy. The estimated yearly savings for the typical UK council was substantial:



County Council £256,567
Unitary Council £87,955
District Council £26,904

The author of the report, Guy Dominy, is a leading public sector communication specialist with a particular focus on the planning and evaluation of digital communications. Dominy partnered with GovDelivery and 10 local UK public sector organisations to collect data and evaluate the financial value of government digital communications.

“Public sector communicators can no longer afford to ignore the demand for financial accountability,” Guy Dominy, Director and Senior Consultant at Seeing More Clearly said. “This report helps forward-thinking organisations lay the groundwork to prove the value of digital communication against the money spent building the programs.”

Having analysed feedback from more than 600 thousand digitally connected citizens invited to contribute to the research, the results provide real insight into how digital communication drives positive action and helps public organisations achieve significant cost savings.

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