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Photo Release—Top 2014 Trends Driving Public Sector Digital Communications Revealed

GovDelivery, leading provider of cloud-based public sector communication solutions, today released three reports detailing the top trends for government digital communications, based on a survey of public sector communicators across federal, state & local and UK organizations. The survey results are published as in-depth e-books titled “Three Trends Taking over 2014 Digital Communications in the Public Sector,” as well as depicted as infographics showing high-level results.  The e-books and infographics can be viewed here:

Including insight from GovDelivery’s work with 1,000 public sector organizations in both the U.S. and the UK, the e-books and infographics review and provide analysis on the top communication priorities trending in government for the coming year. To identify those trends, GovDelivery surveyed hundreds of public sector communicators and found that across all levels of government, three priorities consistently topped 2014 “to do” lists: focusing on results, looking at multichannel approaches and increasing outreach. More than one-third of respondents, across all levels of government, indicated that boosting engagement was their most important digital communication priority, and the greater majority identified growing their digital audience as important to their organization.

“The ability to effectively engage with citizens and then motivate them to take action is playing an increasingly important role in achieving overall mission results for public sector organizations,” said Scott Burns, CEO and co-Founder of GovDelivery. “GovDelivery’s clients are at the forefront of public sector organizations using digital technology to connect with more people and then leverage those connections to drive action and increase constituent engagement by delivering relevant messages where and when they are most effective.  This survey illustrates how these public sector communicators are remaining focused on engaging more citizens, functioning more efficiently, and ultimately driving mission success.”

These reports detail both the top priorities of those surveyed and their plans for achieving mission goals. The trends revealed by survey respondents show that by focusing on results, implementing a multichannel communication strategy and increasing outreach efforts, government communicators are able to connect with more people and get those people to take action, driving mission value for their organizations.  While it didn’t make the top three priorities in this survey, the new e-books also touch on the growing importance of “Mobile Gov” and some of the challenges around this trending topic.

Readers can discover how their communication priorities for 2014 trend against peers in the public sector and get ideas for planning and delivering more successful digital communications this year. For a complimentary access to both the e-books and infographics, visit here for federal, here for state & local and here for UK.