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How to Apply the No Wrong Door Framework to Government Service Delivery

Find out what “No Wrong Door” means and discover the value of applying its principles across government for fast, efficient, and citizen-first service delivery.

What Is No Wrong Door?

Nearly a decade ago, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law. One of its provisions was known as the “No Wrong Door” policy. The policy aimed at enabling people seeking healthcare coverage to complete one application that determined which health and social services programs they or their family were eligible for.

For citizens, the concept was simple: fill out one application, and let the government determine how your needs align with healthcare programs. For anyone who has had to navigate the labyrinths of healthcare service, this approach is simple, refreshing, almost revolutionary.

What if we took the “No Wrong Door” concept of delivering health and human services and applied it to an entire level of government?

Reimagining ‘No Wrong Door’ Across Government

Being a citizen can be frustrating. We’ve all likely had experiences driving to three offices to renew government-issued IDs, or mailing paperwork to different agencies, or being on hold only to be transferred to a different department.

Imagine: One central door for citizens to walk through. Upon arrival, they’re told exactly what services they qualify for and what boxes need to be checked to implement them. All questions can be answered and transactions can be completed — in one place.

How about a more concrete example?

Imagine walking into a local government office that only has one room. In that room are different service desks. Nobody is there but you. There are no lines. You walk to one service desk to pay your property taxes. You then move five feet to the right and you’re given your recycling schedule. Next, you renew your driver’s license and car tabs. Finally, you submit a ballot on your way out the door for a new park in your neighborhood. The entire experience takes you less than 15 minutes.

This may sound so ideal as to seem impossible. It’s not.

‘No Wrong Door’ Government? It’s Possible

The beauty of the digital transformation is that offering a “no wrong door” government is more possible than ever. Instead of offering a single room with service desks, we can offer citizens a digital front door, or a central entry point, that connects to all departments within seconds.

Not only can citizens experience centralized services, but they’ll be able to complete their tasks from the comfort of their own home and on their time. Additionally, technology affords them the opportunity to be notified when changes occur — like when their application moves to the next step or when their service request has been completed — keeping them more informed and engaged along the way.

How Oklahoma Is Streamlining Citizen Experience

This trend is already emerging as organizations around the country revamp their approach to digital government services delivery.

In Oklahoma, for example, the Office of Management and Enterprise Services is alleviating the burden on citizens to download, print, and mail PDF applications. Oklahoma officials are transforming this entire experience. They’re moving it online by offering Oklahomans a central digital portal to complete every service request. At the same time, the back-office workflow makes it easier for staff to complete daily tasks, from simple everyday office forms to multi-stage workflows involving system integrations.

So, not only is the No Wrong Door framework good for citizens, but it can be easier and more efficient for government employees, too.

Bringing It All Together

The initial implementation of the No Wrong Door policy was intended to break down silos across health departments and help millions of Americans secure health coverage. Advancements in technology have made it possible now — ten years later — to apply this concept more broadly across government to offer more unified, efficient, and seamless experiences for citizens.

Want to Implement a No Wrong Door Approach?

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