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New govDelivery Feature Makes Creating Landing Pages Simple

In the past few years, email strategies have evolved to convey key messages in less space. With attention spans going down (we have about 8 seconds to capture our audience’s attention), it’s important to keep bulletin messages short and sweet. 

But what if there are important details that don’t fit in your bulletin that your audience needs to know? 

That’s where landing pages come into the picture. Landing Pages is a new feature added to govDelivery that creates a separate web page that your audience can “land” on when they click on a link in your email bulletin. Now, it’s easier than ever to build a supporting landing page that hosts additional information about your program, service or event that matches your organization’s brand standards and tracks engagement within the same platform. 

The Landing Pages feature is freely available for all govDelivery users to create. In this blog, we’ll cover how landing pages work and how you can use them to support your bulletin message.   

Get started with Landing Pages: 

To create your first landing page, log into your govDelivery account, select Templates in the left-hand navigation bar, and then Landing Pages on the right-hand navigation bar. Click Create Landing Page to get started. 

Direct Subscribers and Track Engagement

 Create anchor links, directing subscribers to a specific spot in your landing page to help intuitively navigate to the information that is most relevant. 


Track engagement with a new section in the Bulletin Detail Report to better understand what intended actions have been taken by your subscribers. 

For a step-by-step tutorial on using the new Landing Pages feature, or to see examples, check out our article on landing pages. Also be sure to visit our support site to stay up-to-date on all the latest govDelivery releases. 

If you are interested in learning more about how govDelivery could help with your communications, please get in touch with us today.