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How to Measure Your Impact in the Real World

Cloud security

Our own COO, Bob Ainsbury, might be hearing more of himself through his car speakers.

Ainsbury recently recorded two radio spots for WTOP and Federal News Radio and their respective websites, two radio stations that serve Washington, D.C.

He spoke about two matters that greatly affect the government today: digital communication and cyber security.

“Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights a change in thinking about serving citizens and using different technology to meet mission,” the spot, presented on Carahsoft’s website, says. “Bob Ainsbury, chief operating officer at GovDelivery, says he sees a shift from outputs to outcomes.”

Government agencies aren’t just measuring how much they can produce, Ainsbury said, they are looking for the impact they’re having on the community served. Agencies are looking for how many people signed up for insurance, or how many children got into foster homes because of their efforts.

To share more information about improving the citizen experience of government online and measuring the impact of your agency’s communications, GovDelivery is hosting its 9th Annual Digital Communications Summit, Transforming the Citizen Experience, with sponsors Carahsoft, CHIEF and Accenture. To sign up for the half-day event in Washington, D.C., click here.

Listen to the whole spot here.

Not only should organizations measure the outcomes of their efforts using cloud technology, Ainsbury said, they should think about ways to keep those technologies secure.

GovDelivery is committed to keeping all our clients’ communications secure, and because of that commitment has undergone the FedRAMP approval process for our Communications Cloud solution.

“It does things that ordinary organizations don’t want to pursue because they are expensive, and time consuming, and they make them standards,” Ainsbury said of FedRAMP. “These things, like at a technical level, all of your logs need to go into one place, and if you’ve got 2,000 servers, getting all those logs in one place and searching them is a non-trivial task… Across the board, FedRAMP is without doubt a high bar that’s making everyone stronger.”

To learn more about what FedRAMP is and how to leverage it for maximum cloud security, visit our Security page.

Check out Ainsbury’s full FedRAMP sound bite here.