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Granicus National Summit Breakout Sessions

What will you learn at the Granicus National Summit on April 3rd in Washington, DC?

After our jam-packed morning with government panel discussions, best practices and a keynote by Mitchell Weiss, Professor of Management Practice in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School and lunch, you’ll get the chance to deep-dive into topics of your choice.

There are 12 different breakout sessions in three time slots during the afternoon. You get to choose the breakout session you’ll attend and we’ll send out the presentations of all of the sessions for you to review after the Summit.

Block One (Pick One)

  • Communications: Doing More with Less

With the right marketing automation and strategies, communicators can focus their energies on important projects and let day-to-day tasks take care of themselves. In this session, we’ll share how our colleagues in the UK have adapted and dealt with extended budget constraints, but have managed to stay afloat and even generate additional revenue.

  • Develop an Effective Communications Strategy

Learn how to build and activate an effective communication strategy from digital engagement and Communications Cloud experts. Identify the tactical tools needed to succeed and drive your desired outcomes. ​

  • The Power of Automation in Government

Automation saves money, conserves paper, streamlines processes, engages more residents…the list goes on. Whether your organization has one or multiple reasons in mind, learn how investing in technology can empower your organization to achieve its goals.

  • Super Charge Engagement with Citizen Stories

Learn how to create strategic communication maps for key citizens you need to connect with effectively. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll develop citizen stories and identify messages and channels that enable their full journey with your program or organization.

Block Two (Pick One)

  • Unleash the Potential of Text Message Communications

Ninety percent of Americans own cell phones and most text messages are read within three minutes. Expand your communications tactics to reach people with the technology that is in their pockets and open the door to engaging otherwise hard to reach demographics.

  • Strategic Trends in Government Websites

Citizens have expectations for how they want to interact with a modern website – is your organization meeting these demands? Learn how to develop beautiful, responsive, user-friendly and accessible websites that are go-to locations for information and facilitate constituent interaction.

  • If You Build it, Will They Come?

Government programs and services all have one common goal – citizen participation. But all too frequently, programs are developed without an effective communication strategy to enable success. In this session, you’ll see how by shifting from traditional to digital communications channels, government organizations can track their efforts, become more strategic, save costs and realize greater ROI.

  • Step Up Your Communications Game

Ready to take a one-size-fits-all communications strategy to the next level? Learn how to better understand your Communications Cloud subscribers’ preferences and activity to optimize message delivery.

Block Three (Pick One)

  • Review, Adapt, Improve

Don’t assume – use concrete data to understand how constituents are engaging with your campaigns and messages. In this session, you’ll learn how to better utilize Communications Cloud reports to understand what works and what doesn’t, evaluate account health, and create campaigns that resonate with users and drive results. We’ll also share exciting new reporting features that are coming this year.

  • Improving Accessibility, Reducing Risk

Government technology is only effective if it reaches all of the population. In this session, you’ll learn about changing ADA compliance standards and what tools you need to adhere to them, especially as many states are coming under increased scrutiny.

  • Effective Crisis Communications Management

In the middle of an emergency — like a hurricane or a child reported missing — it can be a daunting task to get important, often life-saving information to the public. Learn how to implement strategies that work on and offline to communicate effectively before, during and after a crisis.

  • Step Up Your Communications Game (Repeat session)

Ready to take a one-size-fits-all communications strategy to the next level? Learn how to better understand your Communications Cloud subscribers’ preferences and activity to optimize message delivery. ​

What sessions are on your must-attend list? Let us know @Granicus #summit18 and don’t forget to register for free for the 2018 Granicus National Summit!