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Granicus Acquires Calytera and What It Means for You

As you may have heard, we announced exciting news today with the Granicus acquisition of Calytera. With Calytera’s unparalleled experience delivering global permitting, compliance and licensing (PCL) automation, best practices and workflows, Granicus will significantly expand its digital service capabilities for the public sector.

To share a little more about Calytera, hundreds of government agencies across the US, Canada, UK, and Australia have trusted their industry-leading platform, Amanda, to automate a huge number of services and business processes. By combining Calytera’s deep experience processing millions of digital PCL and FOI transactions with Granicus’ scale and Citizen Engagement Platform, the acquisition will accelerate our shared mission to help governments become more responsive, efficient, and connected through better technology.

Our CEO, Mark Hynes, puts it well: “This year, we’ve witnessed first-hand how digitization enables agile, resilient public sector organizations to address some of our nation’s most pressing challenges. As the role of governments as digital service providers continues to evolve, it’s become essential that they leverage flexible platforms that allow for the creation and delivery of services for rapidly changing needs. With Calytera’s unmatched PCL and FOI expertise, we will accelerate the digitization of government processes to help agencies continuously deliver and modify services that meet the dynamic needs of their communities.”

And this combination means great things for all of our customers:

  • Granicus customers will benefit from Calytera’s deep subject matter experience creating thousands of services for hundreds of agencies across the PCL spectrum. Calytera has spent years developing and iterating global PCL and FOI best practices that span building permits, healthcare compliance, marijuana permits and regulations, freedom of information, and much more. Granicus and Calytera’s collective capabilities will significantly strengthen and expand the best practices and library of services we offer customers and help us expedite the development of even more advanced technology and services.
  • And, in the future, Calytera customers will benefit from the addition of the other capabilities of our Civic Engagement platform including email, text and social communications, automated civic meeting management, digital service delivery, unified citizen portal, integrated CRM, our customer service hub, and so much more. The Granicus Civic Engagement Platform is designed with interoperability and API integrations as a core tenant – allowing our digital communications, citizen portal, web content management system, and more to fully integrate with other fully featured solutions like Calytera’s Amanda platform to create exceptional and consistent experiences for citizens and powerful capabilities for government users.

We are confident that this acquisition will mean great things for our 4500+ customers. The future is bright, and together with Calytera, we are headed for the next level so that you, our clients, can continue to do what you do best.