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What is GovDelivery’s Customer Experience Mantra?

In honor of Customer Experience Day today, a group of about a dozen employees from various departments at GovDelivery gathered to answer the question: What is our customer experience mantra? In other words, what succinctly sums up our goals, vision and mission around customer experience?

At GovDelivery, customer experience is the foundation of everything we do. From engineering to sales, marketing to client success – everything we do is in an effort to truly understand and meet the needs of our customers as they work to improve the lives of their citizens. But what are the major themes that define us and set us apart?

Here’s what we came up with:

It all comes back to trust

At GovDelivery, we know that every interaction we have with our customers is an opportunity to earn their trust. Without it, we can’t succeed. But fostering trust it is not a quick process. Like any relationship, building trust takes time.

This is why we not only proactively engage with customers around the good times with helpful content, events, and 1-on-1 meetings, but we reinforce support needs in tougher times with multiple safety nets like our 24-hour service line, social accounts like @GovDSupport on Twitter, and – most importantly – a client success consultant whom customers can contact directly. The customer experience isn’t siloed at GovDelivery, and it takes working across functions to make sure that each customer interaction is building the relationship.

When a customer signs on to GovDelivery, they sign up to discover the areas where our products and services can best support their mission. This doesn’t look the same for all clients, but when our customers trust that we’re working alongside them, we accomplish great things together.

A strong product can you take you somewhere, but people can take you further

We know that we have strong products that are adding value, helping organizations solve problems and achieve real-world outcomes.

But our products don’t stand alone. Our strong renewal rate is due to our “high touch” customer service approach. In other words, we are constantly connecting with our customers throughout their journey and helping reinforce our strong products with more ways to get the most out of them.

By always thinking one step ahead and proactively connecting with customers, we continue to foster an environment of trust (see #1).

Support the customer experience with data (not blind assumptions)

While we are a relationship-based organization, we put a lot of emphasis on gathering data to support the needs of our customers. By running surveys and focus groups, and incorporating what our client success consultants are hearing every day, we’re able to determine the best ways to improve the customer experience. We reinforce this data with human-centered design principles and best practices.

In a data-driven world, the best customer experiences will be derived from asking the hard questions first, gathering meaningful feedback and responding in the best interest of the customer.

Data-driven decisions help our customers, build trust in our strategy and guide the vision for the organization (see #1).

At the end of every day, we want our customers to know we are with them on their journey of transforming the citizen experience. By reinforcing trust, investing in our people and ensuring any changes to our customers’ experience is based on real data, we are always seeking to improve.

Happy Customer Experience Day! To learn more about events happening near you, check out www.cxday.org. If you have thoughts or feedback, let us know! Email us info@govdelivery.com or tweet at @GovDelivery and we’ll be sure to connect.