GovDelivery Launches Enhancements to Interactive Text Messaging Solution to Improve the Citizen Experience

Originally posted by Michelle Lee on the Textizen blog here. For more information on GovDelivery’s acquisition of Textizen, read this post.

GovDelivery’s Interactive Text Messaging solution from Textizen provides technology for all levels of government, and as the technology grows, we’re seeing firsthand the very personal relationships agencies using the solution have with the citizens they serve.  For example, a human service agency that provides 1:1 or small-group services might be on a first-name basis with their audience. The individuals they serve may work with an assigned case manager to transition home from incarceration, or enroll in training or education opportunities.

By reaching out through text, these agencies are offering a convenient and universally accessible citizen experience. And it’s working: their participants engage up to 10x more than the average text messaging recipient — and not just in response to a specific survey or prompt.

Today, we launched two enhancements: inbound voicemail and interactive notifications. Now, citizens can leave voicemails for organizations that use interactive text messaging, and it’s even easier for administrators to see and act on noteworthy activity in their account.

How it Works:

For each new notification, you’ll see a red counter increase in the upper right. The main types of notifications are messages and milestones:

Inbound Voicemail — If someone calls the number, they’ll hear a prompt to leave a voicemail. Admins can listen to the voicemail, and reply with text if they like.

Private Text Message — If someone sends a text outside of a normal survey response, admins will also get a notification about this, and can easily reply.

Milestones — For organizations sending polls or surveys, a new notification will automatically appear when the poll hits 10, 100, or 1,000 responses. You don’t have to check up on polls individually.

Additionally, if your account is close to its limit, or there is an issue with a file import, you’ll also see a notification so you can fix it or contact us for help.

2015-09-29 09_49_44-New in Textizen_ Inbound Voicemail and Notifications – Textizen

Check out the 30-second video tour in the blog post here.

Thanks are due to the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Re-Entry for Ex-Offenders, as well as many other partners whose input, collaboration, and patience were critical to this launch. For more information, visit our knowledge base or get in touch.

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