GovDelivery Infographic Illustrates the Power of Communications in Achieving Citizen Engagement

Interactive Infographic Presents How Government Organizations Can Leverage Technology to Better Engage the Public

GovDelivery, leading provider of cloud-based public sector communication solutions, today published a new infographic illustrating how communications can impact citizen engagement on a personal level and, ultimately, affect the greater public. The Engaged Citizen Infographic is an interactive graphic that presents public sector organizations with a view into how critical effective communication is to driving mission and program value.

The infographic takes a snapshot of an average citizen and shows how government communications can directly and positively impact her life, making it easier, healthier and more successful. It also presents how stressful and overwhelming life can be when she doesn’t receive the government information that she needs. The document illustrates how public sector organizations can, and must, prioritize reaching more stakeholders to make an impact by delivering the information each citizen needs, exactly when it’s needed.

“The ability to effectively engage with citizens and then motivate them to take action is playing an increasingly important role in achieving overall mission results for public sector organizations,” said Scott Burns, CEO and co-Founder of GovDelivery. “Every government organization needs to understand the power of this level of engagement. Those who do, are using technology to connect with more people and then leverage those connections to drive action, increasing citizen engagement by delivering relevant messages where and when they are most effective.”

This infographic includes visual data points that show how public sector organizations can connect with more people and increase the effectiveness of their citizen engagement programs. Viewers can click through the infographic to download additional resources, including videos, white papers and success stories to learn how their peers are saving money, driving measurable program results and achieving mission goals through digital communications. To view the complimentary interactive infographic, visit

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