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EngagementHQ + govDelivery = Connected Communities

Community leaders should strive to be in a perpetually open and honest conversation to create more connected communities.

Every strong communicator knows that effective communication requires an exchange—a healthy mix of listening and speaking. When it comes to modern government, community leaders should strive to be in a perpetually open and honest conversation with their community. That’s why EngagementHQ and govDelivery are such a beautiful pairing. Together, they facilitate a healthy dialogue between government leaders and the people they serve. While EngagementHQ expertly gathers quantifiable market intelligence (otherwise known as listening), govDelivery can use that feedback to deliver personalized messages that are informed by their online behavior (in other words, speaking). The combination capacitates successful communication and a healthy, modern government.

EngagementHQ is Listening
Listening is an artform that connects us to others—deeply. But not all listening was created equally. Responsive listening—a term popularized by psychologists, researchers, and other experts—is done with a purpose to exchange ideas, information, or solve a problem—much like EngagementHQ. As a comprehensive community engagement platform, EngagementHQ was designed to promote inclusive, productive, sustained dialogue through a suite of purposeful engagement tools, robust communication options, and 24/7 moderation.

govDelivery is Ready to Respond
The feedback EngagementHQ gathers allows govDelivery to respond, not with generic, one-size-fits-all content, but with appropriate messages informed by unique EngagementHQ data. govDelivery is the ideal complement to your engagement efforts. With an understanding of how your community feels about certain topics, you can provide relevant, personalized updates about those topics in a way that feels much more natural and sincere than governmental.

The beauty here isn’t in the nature of the messages alone, but also in the communicative tools themselves. To achieve your goals as a government communicator, you have to engage with residents everywhere you can: on mobile devices, through social media, and in email boxes. And govDelivery makes that task simple. With govDelivery you can send the right message, at the right time, using the right channel. In fact, you can use many different messaging media at once to reach an optimal number of the right mix of community members. Write it once and publish it everywhere to increase your engagement by as much as 500%.

Most importantly, you can send these messages in a secure fashion: govDelivery is the first FedRAMP-authorized digital engagement solution for social, text, and email communications.

The Civic Engagement Platform
In addition to making effective conversations easier, Granicus has a comprehensive civic engagement platform that can completely transform the way you connect with the public. We’ve developed a unified experience that integrates website development and online services with the digital communication tools we highlighted in this post. With one platform, we help government teams work more efficiently and provide better service solutions that transform the resident journey, reaching and serving everyone equally and inclusively.

Want to learn more about creating more connected communities with govDelivery or our civic engagement platformSee them live.