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How Effective Communications on Earth Day Can Impact Change

First recognized in 1970, Earth Day started as a grassroots effort to bring more attention to environmental movements like recycling and pollution cleanup. Today, Earth Day is one of the largest secular observances around the world. Every year on April 22nd, over 190 countries celebrate Earth Day by organizing events, mobilizing powerful networks of activists, and increasing visibility to important causes.

For public sector organizations, Earth Day is also a great opportunity to amplify educational messaging, promote local events, and even increase the level of dedicated in-kind services to a community.

Here’s how organizations across the country are using their digital communications to promote Earth Day:

  1. The U.S. Census Bureau Leverages Earth Day to Increase Awareness

As the principal agency responsible for producing data and population information, the U.S. Census Bureau is leveraging Earth Day to promote information on important sustainability measures like renewable energy:

  1. City of Palo Alto, Calif. Promotes Earth Day Events

One of the greatest benefits of digital communications is increase awareness and attendance at events. With strong calls to action, Palo Alto, Calif. used email communications to promote an upcoming event in honor of Earth Day.

  1. Minneapolis, Minn. Increases Volunteerism on Earth Day

Not only does digital communications have the power to increase awareness and attendance at public events, it can also lead to an increase in donated services. Minneapolis is using email communications to promote volunteerism that will likely lead to donated hours to better its local communities.

  1. Kenmore, Wash. Cross Promotes with Social

One of the best practices of effective communications is to cross promote a variety of platforms to ensure your message is amplified. The City of Kenmore, Wash. is not only using email communications to promote an upcoming Earth Day event, but is also leveraging social by encouraging citizens to connect with each other using the hashtags #BeautifyKenmore and #WhyILoveKenmore.

Whether or not your organization actively communicates around Earth Day, it’s important to recognize the power that digital communications has to promote a message or cause to a large audience. Wherever possible, timely messages tied to an event, effort, or holiday are always great for increase open and click rates in your email communications.

For more best practices on using email newsletters as a part of your organization’s content marketing strategy, download “A Guide to Content Marketing for the Public Sector” here.