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COVID-19 Email Highlight of the Week #5

There are two frontlines in the pandemic. One is fought by the nation’s brave health care workers. The other is a digital battle against misinformation fought by the nation’s public communicators. In this regular post, we share a notable public sector communication connecting public audiences to critical information. See last week’s highlighted email.

This week marked 1.5 billion coronavirus-related messages sent via govDelivery. As the pandemic response shifts and puts new demands on communicators, they’re continuing to keep residents updated with important information. This week’s email engagement metrics are still high above average in the public sector. The average open rate was 65% with an average click-through rate of 31%.

Featured Email

A top performing bulletin this week was sent by the Oregon Department of Human Services. After a branded banner, the email’s three sections accomplish three different tasks. What’s interesting about this is the way the messages are prioritized, which reveal government’s response to COVID appears to be moving to a new phase. A month ago, data on new cases/deaths would have been the priority. This email highlights health and well-being first, followed by a state services program update, with COVID impact numbers last. Government seem have a new focus on communicating information that focus on holistic well-being.

The first section provides parents with tips for improving the mental and physical well-being of children while elevating the voices of medical professionals.

A screenshot of the email's first section which provides parents with tips.


This section succeeds with a calm, uncomplicated tone and links to other resources. Subsections and bullets make for easy skimming.

The second section raises awareness about the Oregon Health Plan and how to enroll. The graphic’s text directly and proactively addresses potential concerns of OHP eligibility, reassuring readers.

Screenshot of the email's second section, which provides information on oregon's health plan. It includes a graphic that says "Emergency payments from the government will not change your OHP eligibility.


The final section provides information on Oregon COVID-19 deaths and cases.

A screenshot of the email's third section, which provide COVID case and death numbers by county for the day.


This section helps to provide transparency by relaying data (numbers, times, and backgrounds) as it happens. By sending a daily update, Oregan Health Authority demonstrates reliability and builds audience trust.

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