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Conversion Tactic #8: Mobile App Engagement

Welcome to the eighth installment of the conversion series. Conversions are important for public sector organizations, so read on to gain better detail of each opportunity…

With 90 percent of Americans owning a mobile device, the opportunities this channel presents to supplement your existing digital channels are boundless.

Mobile applications for the public sector make it easy for government agencies to improve accessibility to information, modernize service delivery, and enhance the citizen experience. As citizens become more reliant on digital channels, mobile applications meet the demand to communicate important public service and government information to sometimes hard to reach audiences.

What Are Mobile Alerts?

Mobile applications (app) alerts are push notifications delivered from a technology solution to automate communications to customer’s mobile devices. Mobile alerts can come in the form of text message alerts, mobile push notifications, or directly from a downloaded app.

Why is Mobile Engagement Key to the Public Sector?

Mobile alerts keep government employees and citizens informed on the go and can drive engagement and conversions with little human intervention. This transformative digital communication method:

  • Engages and empowers communities through access to more knowledge
  • Protects lives and property with instant information
  • Improve safety, communication, and public responsiveness

Driving the Message Through Apps

Sure, mobile apps are becoming a universal form of marketing, but there are a few things to be mindful of when it comes to this practice. The number one struggle is app abandonment. In fact, 95 percent of apps are abandoned after the first few months. So, how do you work around this and keep your app top of mind? Here are a few ways:

  1. Leverage text messaging to drive awareness and adoption
  2. Send email alerts
  3. Cross-promote your app on your website and social media
  4. Maintain a user-friendly and simple interface, making it easy for users to obtain information
  5. Gamify your app

In performing these activities, you can improve engagement, interactions, and retention of apps.

Want Real-Life Examples?

Sign up for Wednesday’s Webinar, “The State of Mobile for Government” to get more insight into case studies and best practices when integrating mobile alerts and text alerts, including interactive text messaging, into your digital communications strategy.

Mobile is a new and highly converting medium, and every public sector organization should adopt it into their overall digital strategy.

Do you have a specific success story you would like to share about mobile app or mobile engagement? Connect with us!

… And stay tuned for more methods to convert your audience on the GovDelivery blog!