Clerk Spotlight: City of Fullerton, CA


Behind every successful government is a clerk keeping it all together through technology and cross-department collaboration.

Nestled just north of Disneyland, Fullerton, California is a city with more than 140,000 residents. Lucinda Williams—Granicus’ 2020 Clerk of the Year recipient—is the city’s clerk and refers to Fullerton’s residents as a very “active and vocal constituency” with pride. As city clerk, Lucinda wears myriad hats to help the City of Fullerton run smoothly, which has proven especially challenging during a global pandemic.

Lucinda has spent more than 20 years in public service. During that time, she has worked for the City of Brisbane, California Rec Department, the City and County of San Francisco Jail Health Services, the County of San Mateo Workforce Investment Board, and the City of San Carlos Planning Commission. She spent eight years with the City of Brea, initially as the deputy city clerk/records supervisor, and later as the appointed city clerk. Lucinda has served as the City of Fullerton’s clerk/clerk services manager since 2011.

During our clerk spotlight, Lucinda shared some of the challenges Fullerton has faced amid COVID-19 like transitioning from in-person to remote meetings and some of the secure, cloud-based technology solutions she employed, such as Legistar for agenda management, govDelivery to communicate with constituents through social media and email, and most recently, eComment to digitally collect feedback from the public. Lucinda explained how these solutions—and others—eased her workload and helped to empower a transparent and agile digital government.

Click here to watch the full clerk spotlight.

Municipality: City of Fullerton, CA
Population: 140,392
Granicus Solutions: govMeetings, govAccess, govDelivery, & govService Host Compliance
Speaker: Lucinda Williams, MMC, City Clerk, City of Fullerton, CA

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