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3 Examples of Government Agencies Embracing Pokémon Go

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Pokémon Go, the latest gaming craze that has millions of daily users, is causing people to flock to places they’ve never been before.

The game, which uses augmented reality to allow users to “catch” Pokémon in real physical locations, is drawing users of all ages. As the roughly 21 million people login to play Pokémon each day, they are being drawn to government buildings, public parks, museums and golf courses to catch as many Pokémon as possible.

While some publicly-owned sites are weary about the massive crowds and unwanted visitors, others are embracing the trend – even encouraging Pokémon players to come visit, play and perhaps enjoy the other amenities that come with it.

As the leading provider of digital communications platforms to government organizations, GovDelivery has noticed more and more of our users leveraging Pokémon as a way to connect with and draw in new audiences.

In the past week, GovDelivery users sent a number of fun messages referring to the popular game. Here are three ways government agencies are letting the world know that they’re on the Pokémon bandwagon: 

1. Via Newsletter

Bulletins or newsletters are great ways to send details of the rare breeds of Pokémon that visitors can expect to find at your location. Here is an example from Library of Congress:


2. By Press Release

As users have hooked onto the Pokémon phenomenon, so have local media outlets. Sending a press release can be a great way to spread the news that your location is Pokémon-friendly. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources issued this announcement recently, which highlighted that they’ve seen an increase in traffic to the state park as a direct result of the Pokémon game:

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

3. On Social Media

Social media is fueling the Pokémon fire, so why not join in? Plus, it is a great way to leverage a popular topic for an increase in engagement from your followers. Here is an example of a tweet from Maricopa County Internal Audit:

Maricopa County Pokemon
The days of “put your phone down and enjoy the view” are being confronted by the reality that Pokémon is bringing people to new locations and creating new experiences that they may not have had otherwise.

From new parts of a city or a new restaurant, establishments across the country are seeing positive impacts from players on the hunt for Pokémon. There are even reports of Pokémon bringing people together and making new friends.

Perhaps more government organizations should embrace the craze and see what happens. If you are looking for more ideas, check out the recent post “Six Ways to Leverage Pokémon Go for Community Engagement.”

Has your organization embraced Pokémon? Let us know how at info@govdelivery.com.