GovDelivery Now Connects Government with More than 100 Million People


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Communications platform combines unprecedented reach with world class capabilities to transform the citizen experience by driving behavior change and promoting and enhancing online services

ST. PAUL, Minn. – November 10, 2015 – GovDelivery, the leading provider of cloud-based solutions enhancing the citizen experience, today announced that government is now reaching over 100 million people using the GovDelivery Communications Cloud.
“GovDelivery set out with a vision to help governments realize the potential of a connected world. Connecting our government clients with over 100 million people allows us to fulfill this vision in ways that will bring the citizen experience to a whole new level across our client base,” said Scott Burns, CEO and Co-Founder of GovDelivery.

Over 1,000 public agencies leverage the GovDelivery Communications Cloud and Network including every federal department, organizations across all 50 states, 207 local governments, and 167 international institutions.

Burns added, “Hitting the 100 million user mark with a widely used digital communications platform like GovDelivery is a watershed moment for the digital government ecosystem, showcasing the scale and promise of this crucially important movement that has broad support ranging from new startups to the White House and the UK Central Government.”

GovDelivery provides a secure, cloud-based communications platform for public agencies to communicate through all major digital channels: email, SMS, and social. With use cases ranging from improving public health and safety, to optimizing payments and permitting, this unprecedented network of users and governments illustrates how public service is changing in the 21st century to be faster, accessible, and focused on world-class customer service:

  • Citizens have become actively engaged in neighborhood safety by submitting crime or incident reports online.
  • Residents receive up-to-the-minute notifications about Food Standards violations, reducing the risk of food poisoning.
  • Entrepreneurs are able to register their new businesses quickly and easily online.

“The GovDelivery Network helps us with our mission of reaching the more than 22 million Veterans across the country,” said Tim Hudak, Public Affairs Specialist at the Department of Veterans Affairs. “At no extra effort on our end, we were able to create a relationship with 160K additional people. That’s potentially 160K more Veterans who will be able to receive the benefits and resources they have earned.”

Given that government organizations are not competitive and often overlap and share interests, GovDelivery enables cross-agency collaboration in ways unprecedented in other sectors. When a citizen signs up to connect with one agency, the GovDelivery Network encourages the citizen to join others either geographically or topically linked. This simple, but powerful connection leads not only toward a more compelling citizen experience, but also dramatically high user growth rates for agencies.

“Leveraging digital communications is not simply about expanding reach, it’s about deepening impact and increasing results,” said Bob Ainsbury, COO of GovDelivery. “When a public agency takes digital seriously, they can — and have — dramatically increased the ROI of their core service delivery through lower costs, better customer experience, and increased, ongoing engagement.”

With today’s announcement, GovDelivery is also releasing more detailed public statistics of the Network’s usage, available at

GovDelivery Quick Facts

  • Unique Subscribers: 100,000,000 and growing!
  • Monthly Average Subscriber Growth (2015): 3,275,974
  • Messages Sent Year to Date: 6,333,650,377
  • Countries Reached: 244
  • Public Sector Clients: 1,000+

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About GovDelivery

Over one thousand public sector organizations use GovDelivery’s, highly-secure, cloud solutions every day to enhance the citizen experience for more than 100 million people. GovDelivery offers leading solutions for managing government communications, internal and external learning, and open data. The GovDelivery Network offers a unique and impactful way for public sector organizations to work together to cross promote content and increase digital reach. Organizations using GovDelivery see higher utilization of citizen services and greater citizen engagement. GovDelivery is an Actua (Nasdaq: ACTA) company.


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