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How Georgia Ports Authority Modernized The Public Records Process with GovQA


The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) is the second most connected port in the nation, ranking behind only the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The GPA continues to grow and expand its capabilities and implemented GovQA to modernize its public records request management system. GovQA’s software helped the GPA streamline its processes and resulted in Georgia Ports Authority Manager of Pricing and Records Angela Barnes being named winner of the 2023 Granicus Digital Government Changemaker Award.

“GovQA gives us the ability to file requests online and that has helped us meet our goal of exceeding customer expectations.”
Angela Barnes, Manager of Pricing and Records, Georgia Ports Authority


  • 75% reduction in case processing time
  • $30k cost savings
  • 100% of cases billed
  • $20k in revenue collected
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Manual processes and increasing volume create need for digital solutions

The Georgia Ports Authority receives over 530 public records requests each year, and that number is on the rise. Georgia’s Open Records Act states that the agency must fulfill requests within three business days of receipt, but the agency has just two staff members managing public records requests, which was previously an entirely paper-based system. The GPA needed a more robust, efficient solution that would centralize all necessary information and make it easy for tech-savvy attorneys to access what they need.


Digital-first public records software improves process

Angela Barnes, Manager of Pricing and Records at GPA, oversees a heavy workload that includes managing public records requests, as well as providing customers with port pricing and logistics support. When Barnes started in the role five years ago, the agency conducted its business with paper files. She quickly recognized the need to modernize the process with a digital solution.

“I am a former bankruptcy court administrator, and I implemented the first electronic case filing system when I was in that role,” Barnes said. “I knew what to look for to optimize software to fit our needs.”

After reviewing several technology providers, Barnes selected GovQA because it streamlined the agency’s processes and stored all information in one place, making it easier for staff to meet the requirements of the state’s Open Records Act.

Digitizing the large volume of paperwork into one system created massive efficiencies for the agency. Attorneys using the system benefit from being able to monitor their cases in real time, at any time. Additionally, agency employees’ feedback was incorporated to further configure the solution specifically for the Georgia Ports Authority, demonstrating the system’s capability to continuously engage with users and improve the GovQA offerings.


Modern processes save time and money while creating revenue streams

By implementing GovQA, the GPA reduced its case processing time by 75% and saved the agency $30,000 in costs. This huge time savings helped move the GPA toward a major agency goal: Exceed customer expectations. The costs saved are reapplied to labor and staff hours associated with operating and managing GovQA, meaning the system pays for itself.

GovQA’s invoicing capabilities have created new revenue streams for the Georgia Ports Authority as it helps the agency recoup costs for records request processing work that would have otherwise gone unbilled. The agency now bills 100% of its cases, resulting in the collection of $20,000 in revenue.

“GovQA is a wonderful tool for communicating with customers. Through the portal, attorneys can monitor their own cases and check request status, which they love.”
Angela Barnes, Manager of Pricing and Records, Georgia Ports Authority

Angela Barnes, Manager of Pricing and Records at the Georgia Ports Authority, is the first runner-up for the 2023 Granicus Digital Government Changemaker Award for demonstrating exemplary leadership, vision, creativity, and dedication in solving problems and delivering results that have made a significant impact in the community and the organization. Angela’s efforts have led to financial benefits, improved efficiency, and a boosted public perception of the agency.