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  • Lake George, New York

How a popular tourist town manages its short-term rentals while protecting its resources with Host Compliance

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Lake George, New York, is in a popular resort area and sought to proactively identify properties being used for short-term rentals (STRs). The town sought a more efficient, less manual solution to pinpoint STRs so they could not only ensure proper permits were issued and enforced, but that they were protecting the fragile ecological environment of Lake George and preventing a strain on natural resources.

What a huge difference Host Compliance has made for us, not just in being able to permit, but in being able to ensure we are protecting the areas that need to be protected."
Doug Frost, Code Enforcement Officer, Town of Lake George


  • Improved process efficiency
  • 67% increase in number of permits issued
  • 238% permit revenue increase
  • Enhanced ability to address and improve older property systems
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A Manual Process and a Need to Protect Natural Resources

Known as the “Queen of American Lakes,” and situated in the Southern Adirondacks, Lake George has long been a vacation destination for many families. Boasting beaches, boating, water sports, lake sightseeing tours, and seasonal fairs and events, Lake George has seen an influx of tourists over the years. With this increase in temporary residents comes the need for more short-term lodging options; as a result, some permanent residents saw this as an opportunity to market their homes as short-term rental properties.

As more homes were converted to STRs and more visitors were staying in these properties, town officials became concerned about the impact tourists and their activities would have on the area’s lake and other resources. Managing STRs had been a manual, cumbersome process in Lake George and had consisted of scouring short-term rental websites to identify local properties being used in this way. Town officials needed a solution that accelerated the STR regulation and management process.


Host Compliance Creates New Efficiencies

Host Compliance helped Lake George improve and streamline its existing processes and remove the cumbersome manual component altogether. This solution made it so that what could have once been a full-time job could now be carried out “part of the time by a part-time employee.”


Higher Revenue and Proactive System Reviews

By implementing Host Compliance and enhancing its processes, Lake George was able to increase the number of permits issued for STRs and, as a result, saw a surge in revenue. In addition, the town had set occupancy limits on STRs relative to each property’s septic system age and capacity. By implementing these parameters, the town gained the ability to view septic systems in the area and address issues prior to there being a major detrimental impact.

“Without this [Host Compliance] tool, I don’t think it is possible to run an efficient and effective program,”
Doug Frost, Code Enforcement Officer, Town of Lake George