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Maricopa County Clerk, Arizona

How The Clerk’s Office Handles 8,300 Online Requests With govAccess

The Clerk’s Office wanted a website with a better technological foundation to provide stellar customer service and access to the judicial branch. Through Granicus govAccess, the Clerk’s Office incorporated online forms, a virtual assistant, and more to handle 8,300 requests in 4 months. 


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The Maricopa County Clerk of the Superior Court strives to provide customer satisfaction through advanced technology. However, the Clerk’s Office was working with an aging website. 


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In six months, the website had 1.4 million page views. The website received 8,300 requests through the virtual assistant in 4 months.


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County Maricopa County, Arizona

"Our website is a way to push the envelope technologically while providing services to the public. It’s been a lot of fun."

Tiarra Earls Haas, Communications Officer