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How NHTSA Quickly Connects Millions of Americans to Vital Vehicle Safety Information With govDelivery

6.2M Targeted Messages Yearly
With high volumes, NHTSA needed a solution that scaled.
99% Deliverability
When a message is sent, it makes it into consumers' inboxes.
3X Open Rate
NHTSA is achieving a 51% open rate. Compare to 15% average for email.
47.2 Million Recalls
Vehicle recalls in 2018 alone.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) uses govDelivery’s Targeted Messaging Service (TMS) to improve safety by connecting tens of millions of Americans with important vehicle and product recall information.
govDelivery TMS is definitely a success for our agency. We’re able to reach consumers more quickly and reliably. I would recommend anyone with a similar need or circumstance to switch to TMS.
Gopal Rajanala

Existing System Sluggish at Scale

Before govDelivery TMS, Gopal Rajanala, Program Manager at NHTSA, was using an in-house email solution for sending important safety and recall notifications to consumers.

It wasn’t ideal for his purpose.

“It took the email system significant time to send all the notifications, sometimes as long as 24 hours for major recalls,” said Rajanala. The system was also limiting deliverability. “An email would sometimes end up in the spam boxes of recipients, which you can understand was something we wanted to remedy.”

Finally, the existing system provided minimal metrics. Gopal and his team had low visibility into how many Americans were opening or clicking on the email content to learn more about their products.

So when colleagues in NHTSA began using govDelivery, primarily for email, Gopal and team considered becoming pilot users of a potential replacement for their in-house system: govDelivery TMS.


TMS Offers Speed, Deliverability, Metrics

Unlike traditional email messages, which sends one message to many recipients, TMS delivers personalized one-to-one messages. And it can deliver them at extremely high volumes. For NHTSA, TMS would be particularly valuable as a consumer could sign up to receive information for their specific make and model of vehicle or brand of child car seat.

Rajanala’s first impression?

“We were completely impressed by TMS and how it could deliver the results we were looking for,” he said.

After the initial pilot period, they’ve quickly expanded its application across several different programs, from recall notifications to consumers to related manufacturer communications. Now, after a recall, consumers quickly receive a personalized message, with trusted NHTSA branding, notifying them of the problem, the root cause, and how they can remedy.


Agency Saves Time, Improves Citizen Safety

What used to take up to 24 hours, now takes only a fraction of the time. “For a high-volume recall, we can usually send all emails within a 20-minute timeframe,” said Rajanala.

With TMS, he and his team can know the email will reach consumers — messages aren’t intercepted by spam filters. On top of that, they’re able to get metrics they need to understand their impact and improve for the future.

“TMS is definitely a success for our agency. We’re able to reach consumers more quickly and reliably. I would recommend anyone with a similar need or circumstance to switch to govDelivery TMS,” said Rajanala.

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