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County of Hawaiʻi, Hawaiʻi Website Redesign

How a County Empowers Staff to Boost Website Performance With govAccess

The County of Hawaiʻi’s website was outdated: its code base was limited, it didn’t integrate well with modern applications, and it wasn’t compliant with ADA requirements. Departments had limited options for presenting the content they managed.

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In the first nine months of going live, the County of Hawaiʻi’s website site saw nearly as many page views as it did in the prior year on the old website. Each department can now manage their content and create online forms.

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With thoughtful, mobile-friendly navigation, the new website promotes a modern brand and sparks citizen engagement. The Granicus team helped meet a tight deadline without compromising quality.


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County County of Hawaiʻi

“Granicus has kept us on track, through the Kīlauea eruption, Hurricane Lane, and now COVID-19. We’ve been able to provide a different service model, one that provides more services, more transparency, and better access.”

Jules Ung, Director, Department of Information Technology