Planning Your Stimulus Grant Project: A Granicus Workshop

The new American Rescue Plan allocates over $350 billion dollars to states and local governments. These funds can be leveraged for a variety of COVID-response related projects, such as implementing new, virtual tools to ensure that crucial services are delivered quickly and efficiently. But to take advantage of these funds as they make their way to states and to local governments, you must be able to advocate internally for your virtual government solutions. This means that you need to develop a compelling proposal to present to your internal team that connects the dots between your virtual government project and a COVID-response. But what should this proposal look like? Who should be involved in crafting it? And who will you be presenting this proposal to?

For answers to these questions and more, join Granicus and special guests from the Grants Office for a 30-minute workshop to learn how to increase your chances of funding your virtual government project with these new stimulus dollars. We’ll briefly cover the eligible expenses of this new ARP funding and then cover the key components you’ll need to gather in order to best advocate at the state or local government level for your project. If you’re looking for help in connecting the dots between a COVID response and your virtual government project, you won’t want to miss this event!

Title: Planning Your Stimulus Grant Project: A Granicus Workshop
Speaker: Chris Barnes, Grants Development Consultant, Grants Office LLC

Chris Barnes - Grants Office