Making the Most of New and Existing Stimulus Funding in 2021

The $900 billion Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act is just the latest in a line of COVID-related stimulus funding that will enable both public and private sector agencies to address the coronavirus crisis.

While these funds can be used to address gaps and budget shortfalls, they also provide unprecedented resources to help agencies take proactive steps to move operations online and improve communication and coordination with the communities they serve.

Join grants development consultants from Grants Office and solution specialists from Granicus for a discussion of stimulus appropriations. We’ll look at the landscape of stimulus funding, as well as the ways communities across the country are using it to transform their relationships with citizens and stakeholders. You’ll also gain tips and other key takeaways for making sure you get your share of available resources.

If you’re interested in pursuing the technology-friendly funding that is available to your community, you won’t want to miss this event!

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Title: Making the Most of New and Existing Stimulus Funding in 2021
Location: Online, On-Demand

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