Community Engagement and Short-Term Rentals

Best practices for community engagement around short-term rentals

Short-term vacation rentals, found on platforms like Airbnb and VRBO, can significantly impact communities and are often a point of contention between residents. It can be difficult for local governments to know who to satisfy when addressing these properties. On one hand, short-term vacation rentals (and visitors who aren’t focused on preserving community character) can lead to noise, trash, and parking issues and put pressure on local housing markets. On the other, hosts may depend on short-term rental income to pay their mortgages, and local business can see economic benefits from increased tourist traffic.

So, how can you engage with your community, collect feedback from residents and stakeholders with a diverse range of viewpoints, and ultimately ensure your short-term rental program reflects the goals of your community? Watch the recording of this webinar to find out more.

Community engagement expert, Meghan Ruble, and urban planner and short-term rental researcher, Jeffrey Goodman, will discuss best practices for facilitating community discourse around short-term rentals, engaging with your community online, and translating feedback into policy while sharing real-world success stories. Watch now for free.


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