Beat the Bottleneck

Streamline requests for permits and licenses, simplify processes, cut costs, and boost overall resident satisfaction.

As a government leader tasked with issuing permits and licenses, your hands are full. You’re managing a variety of requests, fielding customer inquiries, processing paperwork, collaborating across departments, and much more. Amid the rush, it’s easy to forget that the systems commonly used to process licenses and permits — from PDFs to simple online forms to digital point solutions — can be needlessly challenging and time-consuming.

Join us on-demand to discover how local governments can keep up with resident requests, reduce process request time by up to 80%, and cut costs by 340%.

Learn how to:

  • Reduce in-person requests by giving residents a modern licensing and permitting portal that lets them make and track requests, submit documentation, and make payments through a simple self-service interface.
  • Implement real-time verification to avoid wasting time on incomplete or ineligible submissions.
  • Use a single dashboard to review, assign, track, and complete all open and outstanding applications.
  • Automatically route requests and break down internal silos.
  • Bring your services online quickly with easy startup, implementation, and customization.
  • Customize your workflows to optimize request fulfillment and teamwork.
  • Offer digital accessibility on any device, 24/7, at your residents’ convenience.

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