Banish the Backlog: How to Quickly Streamline Public Record Requests

Streamline public records requests, simplify processes, cut costs, and boost overall resident satisfaction. 

As a clerk, your hands are full – you’re managing remote public meetings, fielding constituent inquiries, securing agenda and departmental approvals, and much more. But what about those requests for public records? How do you ensure your constituents stay informed and their requests — both routine and those submitted under FOIA — don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of the Clerk’s Office’s everyday tasks?

Download to learn how local governments keep up with their residents’ requests, and reduce the time to process requests by 80%, and request costs by 98%.

Learn how to:

  • Allow constituents to request records digitally.
  • Use one dashboard to review, assign, track, and complete all open and outstanding requests.
  • Allow constituents to make payments online and have fees populate automatically based on the request.
  • Route requests appropriately within your municipality.
  • Distribute requested documents electronically.

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