Understanding and Overcoming 8 Common Barriers in Public Services Enrollment and Adoption

Recent legislation has placed more attention on creating positive digital experiences (CX). Reducing barriers to enrollment and ensuring that more users can successfully enroll and adopt public services should be a target for all organizations.

At each step along an agency’s enrollment process, barriers potentially arise that can discourage enrollment. Creating a positive digital CX means assessing current processes and timelines, understanding the enrollee mindset, and creating transparency throughout the enrollment process. By better understanding how they can identify enrollment barriers, agencies can craft a digital CX that:

  • Eliminates confusion by providing clear instructions and visuals
  • Reduces friction by making sure forms are easy to fill out
  • Encourages trust by displaying relevant information
  • Ensures accuracy by allowing users to preview their information
  • Increases engagement by providing users with information about the government agency’s services.

Learn more about the most common barriers facing agencies when it comes to public service enrollment and encouraging adoption by their users.

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