Cybersecurity: How to Validate That You (and Your Data) are Protected

The recent rise in cyberattacks by increasingly sophisticated perpetrators is shocking. While much attention is being paid to vulnerable large-scale industrial operations, governments remain a prime target. Just this month, Microsoft warned against another potential attack from the same Russian group behind SolarWinds, and this time, it’s specifically targeting government agencies. 

What can government leaders do to ensure that their partners are keeping them (and their data) secure? 

Join us on-demand to learn how you can avoid becoming a target of the next cyberattack, domestic or foreign. Together, we can protect the privacy of our agencies and our citizens. 


Gerry Hansen, Vice President of Cloud Operations – Granicus
Gerry Hansen has been with Granicus since 2012. Before leading security and privacy efforts as well as cloud and SaaS initiatives at Ganicus, he helped many organizations reach their goals through the integration of business and tech capabilities. When Gerry isn’t researching new cloud and tech trends, he enjoys drone photography and sharing a bird’s eye view.


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